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I had a really tough day. My breathing started being so difficult as we were crossing the bridge. I had to stop and catch my breath. This nice guy stopped and asked me if I was ok? He said he knew something was wrong because there was no way someone who’s in shape like me would stop for no reason. We started running and chatting about our lives which helped me distract myself from the internal struggle that was going on at the moment. I picked up my pace and we finished the Willy B strong. It’s a blessing to have all you people around. ——— Someone please @ this amazing @nikenyc pacer. 🙏 #nikenyclive #nikerunning #volt #wrucrew #nyc #love

Shared a couple of miles (5) and laughs with these amazing few tonight for the @nikenyc #NikeNYCLive event. The drills at The Willy B kicked my a$$ but the tacos and burritos after made up for it. Thanks coach @firstrun for an amazing run. It’s all about running and fueling up these days! #nike #nikerunning #volt #nyc

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